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Next meeting (AGM): Sunday, 12th October, 14:30

Annual General Meeting at 1430 - volunteers for Committee are invited!

AGM to be followed by light buffet about 1500, and a discussion led by Andrew Dixon of IOM government’s proposed Equality Bill and IOM Freethinkers response to the consultation  

Douglas Bay Yacht Club,  The Tongue, Bridge Road, Douglas

Isle of Man Freethinkers is the local group for atheists, agnostics and humanists.

The group started in 2000, and has become well-known and influential on the island.  We  meet every month. We have members from all over the island and some of us meet for lunch in Douglas on the Third Thursday of each month.

We are affiliated to the British Humanist Association www.humanism.org.uk and to the National Secular Society www.secularism.org.uk

Our main aims are-

  1. Encouraging Free Speech
  2. Seeking Rational Argument
  3. Promoting Non-religious Ceremonies for Baby Naming, Weddings and Funerals
  4. Enjoying Contact and Sharing Ideas

We are against-

  1. Dogma 
  2. Religious Privilege
  3. Intolerance and Discrimination on the grounds of beliefs, race, gender, age, sexuality, disability or lifestyle.

If you would like more information about IOM FREETHINKERS see our Contacts page.

Membership Form

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” We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves” - Marcel Proust (1871-1922).